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Quality Devon Cattle from Established Breeding

Devon Genetics Australia can trace its' Devon breeding history to the mid 1800's. Over 150 years a succession of stud masters have added their knowledge and flair to breeding programs focused on producing the best possible animals for the beef industry. Since the 1930's cattle have been taken to major shows, annual country shows and other events all the time exhibiting true Devon qualities and winning against strong competition.

Since the mid 1990's the Devon cattle providing genetic material here have successfully won events against strong Devon competition, but more importantly against other breeds.

We provide Devon genetics to stud and commercial breeders throughout Australia. We have created partnerships with clients that deliver top performing bulls and breeding females to their clients. Our commercial clients use bulls specially selected for their management systems and environments.

Performance Means Profit

To help with your choice of the right sire, we offer complete performance information about every animal. Since 1993 we introduced a policy of collecting full sets of data for every animal. Keeping breeding records and using analysed information from the herd has given us advantages in understanding the capabilities of our sires. Apart from Devon performance data provided by Agricultural Business Research Unit (ABRI) at the University of New England we have developed our own analytical tools. One such tool gives us the ability to compare the performance of sires in prime steer marketing. Using this tool allows us to compare real $ returns from steers between sires. For more information about evaluating real returns and profits contact us.

To understand the results of selection decisions made within the herd the following comparative graphs of growth traits demonstrate extra profit making features of the cattle.

Assistance with Herd Decisions

We are available to advise on selection of sires, grading heifers, mating choices, herd building and assisting with marketing progeny from client breeding programs. Please ask how we can turn your vision into reality. For operators of herds requiring large amounts of semen, let us send one of our qualified technicians to inseminate your cows.


We work with breeders to provide best outcomes for their herds. Many of our relationships have come from cattlemen wanting better results from their breeding programs. Typically these breeders recognise they have specific advantages in producing for targeted markets. Devon Genetics Australia offers increased capacity in marketing bovine genetics for your valuable genetic products. Please enquire how we can assist in Australia or globally.